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Luceo Non Uro.}

I shine, not burn.


The name is Franzie, I'm a sixteen year old who still has yet to discover the real meaning of life. Really just wants to sleep but can't do so because of school.
I love talking to people and and I do consider myself much more friendlier than I once was when I was a pre teen, I realise now that life is short and that it's not worth getting on people's bad side, especially in school.
My interests vary continually but I'm in love with translating, photography, sims, reading, writing, French and sleeping.

....my sims/personal journal. I don't post much of my life on here but when I do it's usually really boring so that will always be Friends Only. Legacies and Sims things are public for anyone who wants to see :)
In this journal I post my ramblings, and what I have done in my day.
The journal is friends only, so if you want to Add Me feel free to do so, but I'd like to know something about you, so why not comment here with a few things about yourself?

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